What is a vegan diet?

A vegan diet does not include any animal products including dairy, egg, etc. We are generally kind and caring towards the animals around us but the fact that torturing animals is a standard practice in today’s meat, poultry and dairy industries is not widely known.

A bit of research and open mind is all you need to realise what food nature has intended for us and how animals are needlessly being exploited in the animal agriculture industry.

After realising the destructive effects of animal agriculture industry on the environment, many people have decided to turn to an environmentally friendly diet- vegan diet. Read more

Many renowned doctors, nutritionists and dieticians have realized health benefits of shunning meat and dairy products from the diet. Read more

Many athletes and celebrities have set an example of cruelty-free living and you too can be a part of this positive change. Read more

How do I turn vegan?

Being vegan is easier than you think; after all you’re being what you’re naturally meant to be, a Vegan! You can begin by reducing animal product consumption and eliminating it gradually. There are also a range of mock meat and vegan dairy food items you can make at home or buy from the market. Indian food boasts of a wide range of naturally vegan food. Make sure you are trying the different varieties you can get. To get great tips and recipes, scroll to the bottom of the page and sign up.

Here you will find some books and articles on veganism.

Are there vegan alternatives to chicken?

Yes! There are vegan alternatives to chicken. Nutrela soy chaap, chunks or granules can be easily found at every supermarket. Other than that you can try Good Dot’s and Ahimsa Foods-Vegan Food’s mock chicken. With the right kind of flavouring, these act as perfect alternative to chicken. Here you will find more info on various mock meats.

Are there vegan alternatives to dairy products?

There are many delicious alternatives like soy, almond, coconut milk, ice cream, soy curd, etc. Many of them you can find at supermarkets, online shops or even prepare at home with basic ingredients. Here you will find a list of products available in the market. Do check out our vegan milk and tea video. For more recipes visit SHARAN.

How can I find like-minded people who
can give me tips and support?

Whether you want to reduce your meat consumption, go vegetarian, or try out new vegan recipes – everything is more fun together! You can either ask a friend or family member to join you on your mission to better and healthier you, or you can find like-minded people on the internet and at local meetups.

Popular vegan groups on social media are:


City Wise vegan groups:

Where will I get my protein?

Dr. Bürger

Many Studies show that a balanced plant-based diet is usually healthier than a diet with animal products. Almost all plant-based foods, especially legumes such as lentils, beans and peas, contain protein. There are countless high-performing plant-based athletes who are proof that you don’t need animal products to be the best and most healthy version of yourself.

Dr. Neal Bernard

More and more athletes are finding that a plant-based diet can easily provide all of the necessary vitamins, minerals, and yes – even protein – to fuel a medal-winning performance.

My family and friends
have lots of questions
about vegan diet.
How can I help answer
their questions?

When you make changes to your diet it may raise some questions among your friends and family. You can help answer these questions by explaining what motivated your decision. It’s important to always stay open to their concerns and address them.

In order to make them familiar to the diet, best would be to make them taste vegan food. You can either make something at home, buy from the store or take them to vegan restaurants of your choice and show them the wide range of delectable and healthy vegan options which are available.

Patrik Baboumian

In 2011 I won the Strongman Championship and became “Germany’s strongest man” in the same year that I transitioned from vegetarian to vegan. Over the following two years I was able to achieve three world records and one European championship title! Since going vegan I recover faster from my training and feel so much better in my body. My tip: If you spend some time on your nutrition and find out a little bit about which foods contain certain nutrients, you can break your own records!

KJ Joseph, Guinness World Record holder of maximum knuckle push-ups

K Joseph

I do not consume meat, dairy, eggs or fish and can break three iron rods with my bare hands. My vegan lifestyle has helped me achieve great strength, enough to set the record of 82 knuckle push ups in a minute! With each passing year, I find my performance improving and my diet plays a very crucial role in it.

I want to promote veganism; how can I do it?

You can volunteer with us- from leafleting to contributing through your expertise, there are many ways in which you can help us make this world better. Sign up here.

If people don’t eat meat, the animals will keep reproducing and they will take over the world

Firstly, animals killed for meat, do not reproduce naturally. Most of the reproduction in the animal agriculture industry takes place through artificial insemination. This procedure is followed to meet the ever increasing demand of meat.

If I stop eating meat, the killing is not going to stop

It won’t stop but it will reduce, because you and people like you made the decision to not demand killing. For e.g. A person who eats 1 fish a week would save 52 fish a year if he/she turns eliminated fish from their diet. Every life saved matters. The production exists only because of demand, if the demand reduces, so will the production.


We are supposed to eat meat as we are carnivores

The canines of carnivores are sharp enough to tear animals. Can we do that? Carnivores have shorter intestine, to make sure the meat does not stay in the intestines and decay.

Also carnivore animals, kill their own prey and eat the meat raw. Do we? No, we need to boil the meat at high temperature for long time in order to make it edible. Also we add many spices to make it palatable.

It’s a personal choice to eat meat

When life of a sentient being is at stake, it’s not a personal choice. Personal choice would be, you not brushing your teeth or dressing a certain way. The animal who was killed had no say in the matter, if it was up to him or her they would want to live.

Plants also have feelings, how can you kill them?

By eating meat, we are contributing to more plant deaths than a vegetarian or vegan because the herbivore animals which are killed for meat eat mainly plants. Ultimately the aim should be to live by causing least harm as much as possible.